NTLDR is missing…

This is my another experience with notebook HP. This time i had chance to installing XP in HP 520. Based on my experience installing XP on HP Presario V3660, i had difficulties also. The difficulties are related with SATA facility which had embedded in that laptop.

In HP 520, there’s option in BIOS to disable using SATA, so i didn’t had to install XP using customized CD XP that embedded with SATA driver that i have told in my past post. But, suddenly after i finished installing XP without driver SATA (‘coz i have disable SATA function also) , the notebook, HP 520, can not boot the operating system.

At first, i was affraid that maybe the hardisk has badsector, so NLTDR couldn’t be read and the operating system can’t launch. But, after i cool-down my mind, i tried to install using my customized CD XP that i have created before . And then you can guest the result :D, YES, the XP operating systems could launch normally, and i could continue my XP installation in windows display mode.

So, if you find the problem like i had, don’t in a rush judge that the notebook hardware are error, like usually happen when error message “NLTDR is missing….”. Yes, after i googling, there are several problem that caused error message “NLTDR is missing…”, one of that problem is virus attack that cause NLTDR and boot.ini is missing. So for the new notebook like HP 520 that i want to installed, the possibility in get virus attack is nothing.

YES, the solution for this “NLTDR is missing …” problem is SATA function, that can’t be disabled as it inform on BIOS. So, you still have to install XP with customized CD that has been embedded with SATA driver.

Good Luck ;>


7 thoughts on “NTLDR is missing…

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  2. hi there … ever think to install linux instead of XP? no need to recompile/repacking/re-whatever windows I think ^^

    hehe, just kiddin ^^

    Just passin by here, nice to know you (err .. maybe your blog for now ^^) … keep writing …

  3. of course, i’m still considering to install linux on my laptop, so it will be dual OS there.
    or maybe you can give me some advice, what the most fit Linux distro for my laptop and newbie like me 😀

    thanks for your support, it makes new spirit for me to write in the middle of my rush hour 😀

  4. hi there … sorry for this late reply ^^

    well, for notebook and newbie user I would recomend Ubuntu of course. Why? Well, because I am a notebook and newbie user too, and I use Ubuntu ^^

  5. Yo alvonsius,

    did you find it working on hp 520 or most of HP notebooks with their freaking native sata pride? ~_~””
    Ive got bit older ubuntu, tried to hook in to my 52o and was completely rejected

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